25 best flavoured gins to try in your lifetime

Here at The Gin Kin, you might notice that we’re pretty dedicated to hunting down the hottest new flavours to grace the gin world. Love it or loathe it, flavoured gin is big news and there’s no sign of it slowing down any time soon.

It’s with this in mind that we’ve compiled our guide to the very best flavoured gin around. Chosen from a combination of taste, trust and, ok, truly wacky flavour, these are guaranteed to blow you away.

1. Whitley Neill – Rhubarb & Ginger Gin, Amazon £21

Best flavoured gin - Whitley Neil Rhubarb & Ginger Gin

A must-have in any flavoured gin collection, trust us when we say Whitley Neill Rhubarb & Ginger Gin tastes just like rhubarb and custard sweets.

Amazon, £21

2. J.J Whitley – Elderflower Gin, Drink Supermarket, £17.49

Best flavoured gin - J.J Whitley Elderflower Gin

A classic in the gin world, J.J Whitley’s Elderflower Gin is a great way to enjoy a G&T or a glass of champagne alike.

Drink Supermarket, £17.49

3. Buss No.509 –  Persian Peach Gin, The Drink Shop, £45.10

Best flavoured gin - Buss No 509 Persian Peach

Love peaches and cream? Then you must try this unique Persian Peach flavoured gin.

The Drink Shop, £45.10

4. Poetic License – Picnic Gin, 31Dover.com, £34.65

Best flavoured gin - Picnic Gin

We love Poetic License for their imaginative approach to gin. Picnic Gin is the perfect blend of strawberries and cream that is simply ideal to pop into your next picnic basket.

31Dover.com, £34.65 

5. Malfy – Con Limone Italian, 31Dover.com, £25.85

Best flavoured gin - Malfy Con Limone

For the true taste of Italy in your glass, look no further than Malfy’s Con Limone. Its delicious lemon taste is the ultimate accompaniment to your tonic on a summer’s day.

31Dover.com, £25.85

6. Puerto de Indias –  Strawberry Gin, Amazon, £31.91

Best flavoured gin - Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin

Made with fresh strawberry of course. Would it be wrong to combine it with a carton of cream? (Probably not recommended)

Amazon, £31.91

7. Edinburgh Gin – Flavoured Gin Liqueurs, John Lewis, £18

Best flavoured gin - Edinburgh Gin Liqueurs

Don’t judge us but we really couldn’t choose exactly which Edinburgh Gin liqueur to include on this list. With flavours from Rhubarb and Ginger to Plum and Vanilla, you got to just try them all.

£18, John Lewis

8. Boodles – Mulberry Gin, £26.33, Master of Malt

Best flavoured gin - Boodles Mulberry Gin

If you’re feeling particularly patriotic then check out Boodles Mulberry Gin. Not only is it an inspired sloe gin recipe with lashings of raspberry and blackcurrant, it’s British through and through.

£26.33, Master of Malt

9. The Naked Marshmallow Company – Vanilla Bean Marshmallow Gin, 31Dover.com, £31.95

Bets flavoured gin - Marshmallow Gin

If you love the taste of vanilla, then why not check out Marshmallow Gin? It’s created by a company who genuinely make their own marshmallows.

31Dover.com, £31.95

10. Boë – Violet Gin, £28.78, The Drink Shop

Best flavoured gin - Boe Violet Gin

One of the first to kick off the trend for violet gin, Boe features a light lilac colour and a delicious blackberry flavour.

£28.78, The Drink Shop 

11. McQueen Spiced Choc Orange Gin, The Drink Shop, £28.33

Best flavoured gin - McQueen Spiced Choc OrangeLovers of a chocolate orange, behold McQueen’s Spiced Chocolate Orange Gin. It’s deliciously dark and fruity.

The Drink Shop, £28.33

12. Zymurgorium – Turkish Delight Gin, Amazon, £26.99

Best flavoured gin - Turkish Delight Gin

It’s true. There’s actually a gin based on everybody’s favourite sweet Turkish Delight. It also contains hints of rose and mint.

Amazon, £26.99.

13. Williams Chase – Seville Orange Gin, Amazon, £38.45

Best flavoured gin - Williams Chase Seville Orange Gin

The distillery also do an incredible Pink Grapefruit Gin, but for a taste that’s slightly more obscure, go for Seville Orange. Orange gins may now be becoming more prominent in the gin world but here’s an original and best.

Amazon, £38.45

14. Gin Bothy – Blueberry Gin Liqueur, Master of Malt, £29.99

Best flavoured gin - Blueberry Gin Liqueur

You’ve probably tried raspberry or strawberry gin, but have you tried this delicious Blueberry Gin Liqueur?

£29.99, Master of Malt

15. Bakewell Gin, Amazon, £34.75

Best flavoured gin - Bakewell Gin

Bakewell Gin turns a teatime classic into absolute bliss in a bottle.

Amazon, £34.75

16. Orkney Gin Company – Rhubarb Old Tom, Master of Malt, £38.42

Best flavoured gin - Orkney Gin Company Rhubarb Old Tom

If you just can’t get enough of rhubarb gin, then try Orkney Gin Company’s Rhubarb Old Tom gin. It adds a new dimension of flavour to a classic gin style.

Master of Malt, £38.42

17. Zymurgorium – Sweet Violet Gin, Amazon, £30.67

Best flavoured gin - Sweet Violet Gin

Ever fancied trying gin that tastes like Parma Violets? Of course you do! Zymurgorium’s Sweet Violet Gin has been a real viral hit over the internet.

Amazon, £30.67

18. Copeland Gin – Rhuberry, Master of Malt, £32.95

Best flavoured gin - Rhuberry Gin

So you’ve tried rhubarb and you’ve admired blackberry but have you experienced ‘Rhuberry’? Copeland Gin’s pink gin range is definitely one to check out.

Master of Malt, £32.95

19. Sipsmith – Lemon Drizzle Gin, Marks and Spencer, £24

Best flavoured gin - Lemon Drizzle Gin

Cake and gin? Yes please! Here, however, we fully recommend swapping your lemon drizzle cake for gin.

Marks & Spencer, £24

20. That Boutique-y Company – Cherry Gin, Master of Malt, £29.95

Best flavoured gin - Cherry Gin

Winner of the Best Flavoured Gin category at the World Gin Awards 2018, this Cherry Gin is sensational with either tonic or cola.

£29.95, Master of Malt

21. Gin Bothy – Chilli Gin, Notonthehighstreet.com, £28

Best flavoured gin - Chilli Infused Liqueur

If you prefer a savoury taste in your glass, turn up the heat and choose Gin Bothy’s Chill Infused Liqueur.

Notonthehighstreet.com, £28

22. That Boutique-y Company – Spit-roasted Pineapple Gin, 32Dover.com, £28.95

Best flavoured gin - Spit-roasted Pineapple Gin

Dreaming of a tropical holiday? Us too. This Spit-Roasted Pineapple Gin will really remind you of the good times.

31Dover.com, £28.95

23. Xolato Chocolate Gin, Amazon, £37

Experience Belgium chocolate and hazelnut in a completely new way with Xolato’s deliciously moreish chocolate gin.

Amazon, £37

24. Black Powder Salted Caramel Gin

Dessert or gin? Why not have both? Anything that even resembles caramel is fine by us.

Black Powder, £28

25. Warner Edwards – Honeybee Gin, Master of Malt,£36.83

Locally sourced botanicals have never been hotter. Warner Edwards actually use their very own bees to get the honey for this special addition to their Botanical Garden range.

£36.83, Master of Malt

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