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Blue spice flavoured gin might be the perfect drink

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Image: Edgerton / Instagram: Wine Food Collection.

Fans of spiced gin looking for something a bit different, take note. Blue Spice Gin exists and it could just be the update your next G&T has been looking for.

From the minds of Edgerton, who also create a fabulous pink gin, this top tipple may be a striking colour but it also has an interesting character to its taste.

Triple-distilled with notes of lavender, citrus and spices, its cool blue demeanour actually disguises an unexpectedly spicy profile.

Expect hints of black pepper, cardamom and fenugreek in your glass which actually gives this a heated finish.

To get the best taste, go for flavours of cucumber, elderflower or floral for a contrast to the spice. Simply chop up your cucumber for the perfect garnish to a Mediterranean tonic water or experiment with a splash of elderflower tonic or gin over ice.

The colour profile will be a lightish blue:

Edgerton’s creation may not be the first time we’ve seen a blue gin, but it is officially billed as the “world’s first blue spice gin”.

If you love the thought of a sapphire glow in your glass but without the kick, we recently highlighted blue marshmallow gin or go for a colour changing gin with Sharish Blue Magic.

Alternatively, read our full review on London No.1 Blue Gin or see further inspiration below.

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