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Lidl’s Hortus Gin beats rivals in blind taste test

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If there’s one trend that shows no sign of stopping it’s the rise and rise of supermarket gin. Nowadays you’re just as likely to encounter a fabulous gin around the corner of the fruit and veg aisle, as in a specialist gin shop.

It’s all about variety, in our opinion. We love nothing more than treating ourselves to a bit of luxury but we have to say we’re suitably impressed by Lidl’s Hortus collection.

As well as adding their liqueurs to our best pink and rhubarb gins lists, we’re pleased to say there’s another accolade in store for the humble Hortus.

In a recent Good Housekeeping Institute taste test, Lidl’s Hortus Original Dry Gin came out on top against some of the industry’s top names.

The taste test gave the low-cost supermarket’s own gin 77 out of a possible 100 gin points, and described it as ‘herby aromas with tangy citrus notes followed by lots of liquorice, citrus and a light, smooth texture’.

Meanwhile, gin favourites such as Sipsmith London Dry Gin, £28.99, scored 73/100 and Gordon’s London Dry Gin scored 74/100.

In contrast, Lidl’s budget-friendly option comes in at incredible £15.99.

The test wasn’t all in Lidl’s favour, however.  Fans of Hortus Oriental Spiced might be a bit disappointed to learn that Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin came out top overall, followed by Drury 173 Craft Gin and East London Liquor Company London Dry Gin.

If you fancy knowing our thoughts on the legendary Opihr, you can nip over to our very own taste test and review. 

Alternatively, see below for more Lidl cocktail and gin inspiration and let us know your thoughts over on our social media.

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