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Aldi Gin is officially one of the best in the world

Aldi Oliver Cromwell Gin

It’s been a wild couple of weeks for Aldi Gin. First off, they announced the release of two brand new flavoured gins from their Botanical Project range with Eden Mill.

As if this news wasn’t exciting enough: not one, not two but five of their gins available in the UK won big at the International Spirits Challange.

We previously reported that their three Eden Mill Botanical Project gins each won a Bronze medal but, the real winner of the evening was their ludicrously affordable Oliver Cromwell Gin which nabbed a prestigious Gold award in the “Gin London Gin Standard” category.

Oliver Cromwell is a classic, zesty gin that works very well with tonic or, if you’re feeling really fancy, in a cocktail. Aldi describes it as “A clear, light crisp gin with rounded spice and a touch of juniper”.

The best part? This award-winning gin comes in at the bargain price of £9.99. Where else can you buy a world standard gin for less than a tenner?

Aldi’s Topaz Blue Premium Gin, priced at just £13.99, also won a Silver award in the premium category – proving that this budget supermarket giant really knows it’s stuff when it comes to our favourite tipple.

Here at the Gin Kin we have always been huge advocates of Aldi Gin, so we are thrilled to see their excellent selection being recognized at such a high level. In fact, we were lucky enough to review their limited edition Winter Warmer Old Tom and are very hopeful that they will bring it back this Christmas!.

If you’ve tried any of Aldi’s award-winning gins, let us know your thoughts on social media!

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