Decorated gin glasses are one of 2018’s coolest trends

If it’s not the gin that’s becoming experimental, it’s the tonic, the accessories… the goblet itself in which we hold our cherished tipple.

Decorated gin glasses are most definitely a thing and we need them all.

Why? These beauties tend to be hand painted and adorned with serious creative design. From spring flowers to bejeweled spectaculars, here’s 5 of the very best you need to check out now.

1. Harris Glassware

Created by Diane Harris of West Lothian, Harris Glassware gin glasses feature a variety of gorgeous floral designs. Each Copa de Balon glass is hand painted, dishwasher safe and offer the perfect receptacle for a G&T or cocktail alike.

The bowl-like glasses are offered in an array of seven different styles.

Be sure to check out the best sellers: rambling rosejuniper and lavenderThey’re simply perfect for enjoying your gin on a lovely spring day.

£14.95, Harris Glassware Shop

2. Sunny by Sue

The new Japanese collection from Sunny by Sue

Winner of this year’s Gift of the Year award, these beauties come in a jaw-dropping selection of designs and glass types. Be prepared to be blown away by the swirls, dots and flowers that adorn every one of these gin glasses.

Plus, you can look forward to a brand new Japanese Garden and Highland selection coming soon and available from April. Bliss!

From £11.99 from Amazon or visit the Sunny by Sue website for further details. 

3. Designs by Lolita

If you can’t get enough of floral design, then you must check out these nature inspired glasses from Designs by Lolita.

These gin glasses come in three gorgeous designs: Hibiscus, Hummingbird and Oops a Daisy

We’d love to see even more development in the glass types but for now we’ll just have to relish these stemless glasses surrounded by the tranquility of birds and flowers.

£15, Designs by Lolita

4. Stokes Creative Design

Fans of rhinestone, check out Stokes Creative Design. These gin glasses come in an assortment of colours from pretty in pink to deep purple.

We especially love the iridescent glass; its lightly coloured gems are enough to rival Cinderella’s slippers in glamour and shine.

From £14, Etsy 

5.  Dancing Dragontail Gin Glass

Image: The Gin Kitchen

One of the first decorated gin glasses to truly capture our imagination was this creation from The Gin Kitchen. We love how the colours compliment the bottle design of Dancing Dragontail.

There’s nothing that says summer more than relaxing with this glass in hand.

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Ashleigh Gibbs