The Gin Bothy Love Tasting Box is a liqueur lover’s dream

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Fans of gin liqueurs, if you love nothing better than discovering the latest taste in your glass, then meet Gin Bothy’s Love Tasting Box.

With five delicious gins to choose from, it’s the perfect way to upgrade a simple G&T or sparkling Prosecco alike.

This tasting box not only includes Gin Bothy’s Original Gin, but a selection of four other flavoured liqueurs.

If you previously tried the Gin Bothy Tasting Selection, then there’s two additional flavours here that could make the ideal summer tipple.

Rose infused liqueur is the taste of heavenly floral, while strawberry gin is the only flavour you’ll want in your glass as warmer weather sets in.

gin bothy love gin box rose infused liqueur

This tasting box also includes a rose and raspberry infused liqueur.

We’ve previously spoken about just how much we love the rhubarb and raspberry liqueurs in this box.

With its delicious jammy taste, Gin Bothy’s Raspberry Liqueur is one of the best. Super sweet and syrupy, it could also be the perfect ingredient in a pudding.

The rhubarb edition, however, is one for those who hate the thought of ginger alongside everybody’s favourite garden treat.

Light and lovely but with a slight rhubarb tang, just add it to lemonade or over ice for the perfect drinking experience.

Gin Bothy tasting boxes are available from the DC Thomson Shop now for £32.50.

For in-depth Gin Bothy liqueur taste tests, see our original tasting box review.

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Ashleigh Gibbs