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These Rock Rose chocolates are little works of art

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Talk about too beautiful to eat.

Whether they’re swirling jems of blue marble or bathed in chunky glitter, these chocolates are divine.

The artisan chocolatier Caithness Chocolates have worked their magic on Rock Rose Gin for some truly one of a kind little gems.

Crack the blue and white marbled orbs and you’ll find a rich dark chocolate centre, mixing magically with the gin’s botanicals.

The Rock Rose chocolates’ white chocolate shell and blue cocoa butter finish evokes Rock Rose’s distinctive white and blue ceramic bottles.

Caithness Chocolates Rock Rose Gin Chocolates, £8

Even better news? A new, more glittery range of Rock Rose chocolates are available at Rock Rose’s new distillery visitor centre.

Not to mention the melt in your mouth Rock Rose Gin caramel. Sweet and gin fuelled, this one’s a doozy.

Only the finest sustainably grown cocoa beans goes into these creations. Plus, you know they’re fresh when you’ve got to eat them within two or three weeks to enjoy them at their freshest. They’re Great Taste Award winners after all.

Caithness Chocolates also create other glorious treats, albeit not infused with gin.

It’s a true local production. Based in Wick, the most northerly county in Scotland, Caithness Chocolates is located less than a half hour’s drive from the Rock Rose distillery.

Box of 6 handmade chocolates, £8

Rock Rose Gin Chocolates are available to order from Caithness Chocolates

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