Popcorn gin now exists in the world

There can be no finer joy in the world than buying a glorious box of buttery popcorn at the cinema. It’s practically like some rite of passage into the screening room.

Some prefer sweet; others salty but one thing you can agree on is that popcorn is so delicious.

Only now it comes in gin form. We repeat: now you can experience the joy of popcorn gin and it’s both sweet and salty.

Sipsmith, the brains behind Lemon Drizzle Cake Gin, have released the innovation as part of their Sipping Society.

Essentially a gin subscription service that introduces their members to an exciting new range of flavours, Popcorn Gin joins the likes of Blood Orange Gin Liqueur, Gingerbread Gin and Advent Gin.

Well, we’re happy to sign up if it means experiencing this buttery surprise.

This gin takes a technique called  “fat-washing” and brings it a new lease of life.

Don’t be alarmed by “fat” in the name. Although this gin is most definitely distilled with three types of butter-washed popcorn, it’s then been frozen in the distillation process to allow all the fat to be removed.

Sipsmith then conducted the most important poll of all: sweet or salty?

Naturally, there’s never a clear opinion on this so the distillery used both salty butter alongside vanilla and liquorish to create a sweet and salty gin inspired by the Cannes Film Festival.

The result is a gin that’s so sumptuous. Think butterscotch, marshmallow, praline and nougat.

It even comes with its own range of amazing cocktails, including one actually called “The Picture House.”

There’s also always adding some butterscotch syrup to make up a pretty special “Popcorn Collins.”

One thing’s for sure. Movies will never be the same again and we love it.

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Ashleigh Gibbs