Tesco is selling Bloom Strawberry Cup for under £20 and it’s perfect for summer

Believe it not, but summer is officially here. That means, gin lovers, it’s time to load up the ice, chop up your finest fruit and pour yourself a delicious strawberry gin.

Whether you’re having a gin picnic or throwing a garden party, there’s nothing like a light and fruity gin to get you in the mood. Even better when it’s for a fabulous price.

Tesco are now selling this gorgeous strawberry delight for a super sunny £18, which is the cheapest price around.

If you haven’t yet met Bloom Strawberry Cup then you’re missing out. Those familiar with Bloom already will know it’s a distinguished floral gin.

Notes of pomelo, camomile and honeysuckle combine to create a tipple that’s already perfect for summer days.

Add in strawberry to the mix, however, and you’ve got a pretty fabulous fruit and floral fusion.

On the palette, expect a jammy taste from the strawberry in combination with the softness of Bloom. It goes without saying you simply need to add a berry garnish to this to really bring out the taste and aroma.

There’s no soft colouring here: Bloom Strawberry Cup is a ruby red colour that looks even more vibrant with the addition of a strawberry garnish and plenty of ice.

Alternatively, opt for lemon for a tangy and refreshing contrast.

Then simply serve with sparkling water or lemonade for a refreshing taste of summer. So delicious!

Bloom Strawberry Cup (70cl) is available now at Tesco for £18. 

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