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Lidl to launch first ever Scottish Gin Festival

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Lidl is a bona fide gin destination on its own.

The supermarket’s own Hortus Gin comes at an awesome price tag, winning blind taste tests and even Good Housekeeping’s taste test this month. Plus, Lidl’s Scottish Raspberry and Rhubarb and Ginger Liqueurs practically fly off the shelves.

But the Lidl Scottish Gin Festival changes everything.

Get this: Lidl are launching a brand new range of craft Scottish gins from 3 May until stocks last.

Six distilleries are bringing 8 new gins to your local Lidl. The gin distilleries hail from a breadth of Scotland, from Edinburgh and Glasgow to Shetland and Orkney.

The participating Scottish distilleries include: Pickerings, Glasgow Distillery, Strathearn Distillery, Hazel & Hazel, Orkney Distilling and Shetland Distillery.

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What to buy from the Lidl Scottish Gin Festival

  • Makar Original Dry Gin, Glasgow Distillery (50cl), £19.99
  • Makar Cask Matured Oak Aged Gin, Glasgow Distillery (50cl), £19.99
  • Scottish Gin, Strathearn Distillery (50cl), £24.99
  • Heather Rose Distillery, Strathearn Distillery (70cl), £19.99
  • Tideline Gin, Hazel & Hazel (50cl), £19.99
  • Kirkjuvagr Harpa Gin, Orkney Distilling (50cl), £19.99
  • Simmer Gin, Shetland Distillery (70cl), £24.99
  • Ginerosity Gin, Pickerings (50cl), £19.99
Coming soon to Lidl!

Four of the gins have never even touched supermarket shelves!

This will be the first outing for Makar Cask Matured Oak Aged, Strathearn Scottish Gin, Shetland Simmer Gina and Tide Line Gin.

“At Lidl, we are firmly committed to supporting and championing local producers, and are incredibly proud of our expansive Scottish product range,” saidPaul McQuade, Lidl’s Head of Scottish Buying.

“Our inaugural Scottish Gin Festival is a fantastic collaboration of new and established distillers from across the entire country, offering great choice and excellent value for our customers.”

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