6 raspberry gins that are fruity heaven

If you love nothing more than the taste of refreshing fruit in your glass, then consider a touch of raspberry.

Perfect for sunny days, raspberry gin can make the ideal companion to your spring or summer alike.

Whether gin or gin liqueur, the great news is there’s plenty of choice available.

Simply sit back, pour yourself a drink and mull over our top choices on which to try next.

Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin, £22, Morrisons

Anyone who’s tried any of the Whitley Neill range will know the distillery does a great job of balancing quality gin with a strong flavour profile.

The brand’s raspberry gin delivers an authentic fruity taste without overpowering the gin itself. At only £22 a bottle, believe us when we say it’s a real steal.

Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin, Morrisons, £22

Gin Bothy Raspberry Infused Liqueur, £26, Gin Bothy


If you love the taste of raspberry jam, then you need to discover Gin Bothy’s Raspberry Infused Liqueur.

Super sweet and syrupy, it tastes exactly like a delicious homemade preserve you’d pick up from a local outlet.

We also fully recommended treating yourself to the full tasting box full of amazing liqueurs if you fancy.

Gin Bothy Raspberry Infused Liqueur, £26, Gin Bothy 

Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Liqueur, £16.95, Amazon

There’s a reason why Edinburgh Gin liqueurs frequently make the best sellers list. You just can’t go wrong with a classic.

Edinburgh’s Gin’s Raspberry Gin Liqueur made lemonade seem like it had always been the choice companion for gin.

Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Liqueur, £16.95, Amazon.

Manchester Gin Raspberry Infused Gin, £33.91, Amazon

Light and lovely, Manchester Gin have taken their original gin infused with dandelion and burdock and joined it with delicious raspberry.

Just add tonic and lemon garnish for the taste of fizzy pink Refreshers in your glass.

Manchester Raspberry Infused Gin, Amazon, £33.91

Tiptree English Raspberry Liqueur, £19.48, Master of Malt

If you’re unfamiliar with Wilkin & Sons, think fresh fruit and perfect preserves all based on a farm in the Essex countryside.

Nowhere is this deliciously fruity taste more evident than in the brand’s English Raspberry Gin Liqueur. Its rich raspberry flavour will remind you of a delicious jam.

Wilkin & Sons Tiptree English Raspberry Gin Liqueur, £19.48, Master of Malt

Hortus Raspberry Gin Liqueur  – £11.99, Lidl –  Best budget buy

If you’re looking for a fantastic budget buy that genuinely has a strong raspberry aroma, look no further than Lidl’s Hortus Raspberry Gin Liqueur. We liked it so much we even made our very own raspberry gin cocktail with it.

Hortus Raspberry Gin Liqueur, £11.99, Lidl. 

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