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You can also buy Malfy Con Limone as a gift pack

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For the true taste of summer in your glass, one gin stands head and shoulders above them all.

Malfy Con Limone (or lemon gin to you and I) is a deliciously zesty tipple that balances flavour with decent juniper balance.

Made from a selection of coastal grown Italian lemons, the gin is often served with a matching garnish.

Sliced lemon rings compliment aromatic gin and premium tonic alike. It’s a symbol that appears on the bottle and, now, on matching glasses.

If you fancy gifting delicious lemon gin to you or someone special, then check out this fabulous gift pack.

malfy gift pack
The gift pack contains two perfect glasses and a bottle of Malfy Con Limone.

Not only does it contain one full bottle of Malfy Con Limone, but also two glasses that are so perfect for summer G&Ts.

Each item is packaged up in a super stylish gift box that represents the blue of the Mediterranean ocean. There’s also two perfect serves on the back.

Whether you’re looking to create an authentic Italian G&T or try a special Negroni, you’ll find everything you need.

To recreate your very own Italian holiday, may we suggest pouring a measure of gin into one of these beautiful goblets over a lot of ice.

Then, we just have to hope the weather matches our perfect G&Ts. Fingers crossed!

Malfy Con Limone Italian with 2 glasses is available from Amazon now for £41.61 

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