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McQueen launches new bottle at Aldi’s Scottish Gin Festival

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If you love the thought of collecting the gin bottle as much as drinking the gin, then it could be time to get acquainted with McQueen Gin.

A recent winner of the World’s Best Gin Design at the World Gin Awards 2018, the gin is recognisable by its heavy ceramic aesthetic complete with embossed ‘True Craft’ logo.

There’s been multiple variations of the design, including a gorgeous red bodied design for the brand’s White and Raspberry Chocolate flavour.

Now, however, the distillery have unveiled the next stage of the design and it could prove controversial.

From today, McQueen has launched their Sweet Citrus Gin at the Aldi Scottish Gin Festival with a GLASS design.

The new glass bottle is part of the Aldi Scottish Gin Festival

The idea is to move away from ceramic to a more environmentally-friendly option.

We’ve certainly seen this thought process emerge in gin packaging in recent times. Pinkster recently unveiled a revolutionary pink gin box that is both highly practical for the consumer and kind to the planet.

It seems McQueen Gin have considered a similar option. This new bottle will be easy to recycle; however, it does still come with a certain charm.

Those who love the original ceramic design may be disappointed, but the new trinket-like design is bound to win over shoppers looking for something both visual and practical.

The original engravings and shape elements from the original will remain so that customers can continue to enjoy what makes the McQueen design so special.

Great news owing to the fact that the design has been central to the establishment and popularity of the gin.

Previously, if you’ve scooped up a gorgeous white version, it’s yet another excuse to own another hallmark of great gin bottle design. Like we need one!

McQueen Sweet Citrus Gin is available now from Aldi Scotland stores. 

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