Pink gin miniatures are the perfect pocket sized treat

With summer officially here, there’s really two trends worth mentioning. This season it’s all about pink gin and rosé gin; even better when it’s portable for all those outdoor events.

Most recently, Gordon’s released pink gin cans and we’ve really seen a movement towards making a G&T ready-made and perfect to just crack open.

One option you should really consider, however, is gin miniatures.

Why would anybody want a tiny bottle of gin you might cry but believe us when we say they’re most definitely taking off.

Pink gin miniatures, in particular, could be your next favourite thing.

Whether you just fancy a little taste of something new or want to pop them into your picnic basket, these little beauties as so perfect.

If you’re a fan of Gordon’s budget pink gin, then check out their miniature version. For around £2 you’ve got a lightweight pocket edition of your favourite G&T.

Gordon’s Pink Gin miniature, £2.19, Drinks Supermarket

What you might not have considered though is these little guys make PERFECT gifts and favours.

Getting married? Why not pop in one of these into a small bag or box? You can even get your pink gin miniatures personalised via

For under a fiver, you can include the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date on the label – perfect for sharing your love of the pink stuff.

pink gin miniatures

Pink gin wedding favours, £4.99,

Alternatively, there’s always Boe’s Violet or Peach & Hibiscus Gin Liqueurs, depending on your theme.

Heck, we’ve even seen an entire wedding venue dedicated to gin. Anything goes!

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Ashleigh Gibbs