The best in-flight gins aboard every airline

There aren’t a lot of reasons to celebrate air travel these days.

The queues, the cramped seats, the sad in-flight service… the list goes on.

On the other hand, there is one element on the up and up: airplane gin. Forward thinking airlines are latching on to the ginaissance, helping flyers sip in style with an array of quality of gins.

Last week, budget airlines easyJet and Flybe introduced the launch of Tarquin’s Gin, the lauded Cornish gin distillery, aboard their fleets.

From a colour changing gin box to an airline’s own gin, it’s a whole new world up there.


Image: Tarquin’s

Tarquin’s Dry Gin joins Flybe’s rather impressive gin offerings. Picking a gin between Whitley Neill Gin, Caorunn, Opihr, Bombay Sapphire, Gordon’s and Tanqueray will be a toughie for gin lovers.

Better yet, the 5cl miniatures (that’s a double serving) are just £5 each. You can make one fine G&T with the Fever-Tree Tonic and Fever-Tree Light Tonic on board, too.

British Airways

BA takes its dedication to gin even further with its own branded British Airways Gin. Crafted by Cambridge Distillery, Tailored Gin is available to BA’s First customers at the swanky Concorde Room in Heathrow Terminal 5. A reason to upgrade, perhaps.

Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air brings its A-game with this awesome gin box.

Their Gin & Tonic & Ginger Sweets offering is kitted out with The Botanist gin, Fever-Tree Tonic, PLUS colour changing raspberry botanicals and a Fiji Crystal Ginger.

The superb Botanist gin, when paired with Fever-Tree and a sweet but spicy ginger sweetie is a full-on experience, all for under £10. Considering a Botanist miniature typical retails for around £6, it’s a pretty good deal.

If you fancy trying something new, Bivrost Gin is also on the menu. Crafted from glaciers’ melting water and local Arctic botanicals, this is as Norwegian as a G&T gets.


One of the oldest airplane gins to date, one of KLM’s miniature, gin filled Dutch houses is yours if you fly world business class.

They’ve been gifted to passengers since the 1950s and are so valued that they’re collectors items. Filled with Dutch genever, the gin’s predecessor, they serve a cheeky double purpose. KLM marks every anniversary with a new house, so better start collecting!


Image: Tarquin’s

easyJet has a small but strong gin menu: Tarquin’s Seadog Gin, is the newest on the menu, along with the floral Hendrick’s Gin and classic Bombay Sapphire.

These tidy double measures are an excellent flying companion, no doubt.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic and Bacardi Limited launched the ‘Flying Bartender’ programmme on National Gin and Tonic Day last October. Lucky passengers aboard three flights were treated to a free Bombay Sapphire and Fever-Tree Tonic, plus a G&T in a goodie bag. Upper class passengers sipped on Bombay Sapphire  and homemade Damson plum cordial cocktails.

Flying Bartender ran through spring of this year, seeing a Bacardi-owned spirit, like Bombay Sapphire and Grey Goose, featured aboard select Virgin flights.

Fingers crossed the Flying Bartender is aboard our next flight. At least we can always count on good tonic on Virgin. Fever-Tree Tonic, Naturally Light Tonic and Premium Lemonade and Ginger Ale are all available in 150ml cans.


Image: Emirates

Doesn’t matter what class you’re in, you’ll get a great gin on Emirates.

There is the classic Beefeater for flyers in economy, which obviously calls for a martini. In business is the gorgeous Sipsmith Gin, not to mention the swishy Emirates A380 Onboard Lounge — just check out that bar.

Try their breakfast martini with gin, marmalade, Cointreau and orange for a sweet, orangey brunch cocktail.

Etihad Airways

Scottish craft gin — and the nation’s bestselling premium gin, in fact — travels aboard the Etihad’s fleet. Pictured above is the lounge on the Emirates Airbus A380-861 onboard bar wherein Caorunn and Bombay rules.


Choose between two classics on Icelandair: Tanqueray and Bombay. You can get a 2 for 1 deal with two minis of Bombay Sapphire for 1,500 kr. or £10.80. A mini of Tanqueray is a bit steeper at 950 kr. or £6.84. 

Honourable mentions

  • Delta: Bombay Sapphire
  • Jet2: Gordon’s and Tanqueray

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Ketsuda Phoutinane