Blue Bottle Gin is getting rave reviews online

When you splash out on a gin, especially one with a premium price tag, there’s nothing worse than being let down, and then out as much as £30 or £40.

The solution is to taste widely (for research!) coupled with, hopefully, the strength of good reviews and word of mouth.

Here’s one gin that comes with rave reviews. The Gin Kin has found Blue Bottle Gin has earned scores of ecstatic reviews on the internet.

Reviewers overall praise its complexity, uniqueness and overall value for price, which is considerable as Blue Bottle Gin is very much a premium offering at £40 a bottle.

“You know what I love?” wrote Red Online. “When properly lovely brands make properly lovely things. I’ll go so far as to say it makes the world a better place.”

“The best money can buy,” writers an Amazon reviewer. “I adore this gin, floral and sweet, unlike anything I’ve had before.”

This gorgeous and aptly named blue bottle comes from Guernsey. Distilled in the Channel Islands off the coast of France, it features tropical flavours due to the addition of gorse flowers. We’ve found gorse gives off a distinctly delicious taste of mango.

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You’ll find sweetness from nutmeg and a bit of cubeb pepper. Juniper is present, of course, but  features less prominently.

Whilst one reviewer notes the gin is more expensive than others, the taste is worth the price tag: “I don’t think you will be disappointed, unless you guzzle it down, but that’s not the idea with this.”

That said, another reviewer summarily concluded, “Nectar! Buy it! Get addicted to it! Don’t become an alky!”

Regular gin drinkers and prestigious judging panels both agree that Blue Bottle Gin is darn delicious.

Blue Bottle Gin won a Spirits Business Gold 2016 Medal in The Gin Masters Ultra Premium category, plus no less than a Gold at the esteemed San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2015.

And what to do when you find your bottle empty? Blue Bottle Gin comes in a stunning and heavy glass bottle you’ll want to keep for decor or refashion as a DIY candle holder.

Blue Bottle Gin (47% ABV) is available from Amazon, £40; Master of Malt, £44.95

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