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The Old Curiosity gin terrace at Harvey Nichols is open for the summer

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Three cheers for pop up season!

With the days growing longer and the temps occasionally rising, it’s time to revisit the joys of summer drinking.

That means rooftop bars, or in this case, a terrace with a view.

To start off the season, Old Curiosity Distillery is setting up a terrace bar at Edinburgh’s Harvey Nichols. Open now until September, Old Curiosity has brewed up a special line-up of drinks inspired by their Secret Herb Garden outside of Edinburgh.

Known for its botanical, colour changing gins, the distillery’s gins include three fetching flavours from their magical garden: Lavender & Echinacea, Apothecary Rose and Chamomile and Cornflower.

Image: Old Curiosity Distillery

Watch out for three cocktails exclusive to Harvey Nichols, plus three colourful perfect serves.

The cocktails include:

  • Old Magenta (£9.50): Old Curiosity Lavender & Echinacea Gin, Violette, Maraschino, citric, sugar syrup, Fever-Tree tonic
  • Clover Rosa (£10): Old Curiosity Apothecary Rose Gin, Chambord, rose liqueur, egg white, lemon, Grenadine, sugar syrup
  • The Bachelor Button (£10): Old Curiosity Chamomile & Cornflower Gin, rose Liqueur,
    lemon, egg white, Chamomile sugar syrup

The three other perfect serves show off the best of what Curiosity Gins have to offer in a G&T.

Lavender & Echinacea Gin is paired with the low calorie (but lovely) London Essence Tonic. Apothecary Rose’s other half is the simply stunning Thomas Henry Cherry Blossom Tonic. Or try a fruity and floral Chamomile & Cornflower, enhanced with London Essence Orange and Elderflower Tonic.

If you unfortunately can’t make it to the gin terrace, check out Marks and Spencer’s colour changing gins. They’re actually distilled by Old Curiosity, plus sold at a pretty fab price.

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