Chocolate orange gin is the revelation you need in your collection

The iconic Terry’s Chocolate Orange isn’t just for Christmastime or even for a dessert anymore. Indeed, chocolate and orange isn’t just relegated to the food realm, full stop.

May we present chocolate orange gin? Yep, chocolate and orange for grown ups.It’s a flavour pairing that’s taken on with some adventurous gin distillers, much to our delight.

Sipsmith Chocolate Orange


This undeniable gin-lious creation from Sipsmith is everything a chocolate orange lover desires.

Sipsmith’s take on the british classic blends the sweet creamy taste of chocolate with the zingy, citrus essence of orange.

The London-based gin distillers recommend serving this moreish drink over ice or combine it with a decadent old fashioned – either way you are never going to want to put down your glass.

Sipsmith Chocolate Orange Gin (40% ABV, 20 cl) is available to pre-order for a November delivery from Sipsmith (£15.99)

McQueen Spiced Chocolate Orange

Rich and fruity with a bit of spice, orange meets chocolate in this splendid gin. It’s chocolate orange in a glass and delightfully so.

McQueen Spiced Chocolate Orange Gin is complex with fruity orange, rich chocolate and juniper — a winning combination.

This gin practically begs to be garnished with fragrant cinnamon sticks and fresh orange slices. Its spices make it refreshing yet cosy.

Image: McQueen

McQueen Chocolate Orange Gin (42% ABV, 50 cl) is available to purchase from McQueen (£33), Amazon (£34.08) and Master of Malt £29.95

Ely Gin with Chocolate Orange

One of the most elegantly packaged bottles of the bunch, Ely Gin’s Chocolate Orange is a perfect after dinner dessert cocktail. Serve it with Ledgers Cinnamon Tonic for a full on wintry spice experience.

Their chocolate orange expression comes infused with fresh sweet orange and Ugandan vanilla. Ely Gin Chocolate Orange Gin comes in the distillery’s covetable sophisticated Art Deco styled bottles. Ely Gin claims this drink is like “having a mouthful of chocolate orange and a mouthful of gin at the same time.”

Image: Ely Gin

Ely Gin with Chocolate Orange is available in 100, 250 and 500 ml bottles for £6, £13.50 and £22.99, respectively, from Ely Gin

That Boutique-y Gin Company Chocolate Orange Gin


The minds behind That Boutique-y Gin Company have imagined yet another creative concoction. Infused with rich chocolate and sweet-scented orange, this gin will take you to Christmas time.

To pull of the signature chocolate orange flavour, bitter orange peel and roasted cacao nibs are thrown into the mix alongside traditional botanicals.

That Boutique-y Gin Company Chocolate Orange Gin (46% ABV,  50cl) is available on Amazon (£33.95) Master of Malt (£33.95)

Jaffa 2512 Not Terrys Chocolate Orange Gin Liqueur

Sweet and chocolatey, this gin liqueur uses cocoa only prepared by hand. Juniper, chocolate and orange meet for a sweet ride for a delicious dessert cocktail.

As this is a liqueur, Jaffa 2512’s offering is more sugary than the gins. It would be a fabulous addition to a multitude of cocktails or perhaps mixed into coffee? Just try it.


lolJaffa 2512 Not Terrys Chocolate Orange Gin Liqueur is available from Amazon (£34.18)

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