Citadelle Gin’s special editions will blow you away

If you love discovering gins from around the world, you might already be familiar with Citadelle Gin.

A French gin brand, the original contains a blend of 19 botanicals with heavy juniper focus and notes of floral, citrus and spice.

It also comes in an oh-so-fancy bottle. The type you pull out at a special dinner party to impress your friends.

You’d think, therefore, that it couldn’t get better.

Well, yes, yes it does actually. Have you met Citadelle’s beautifully boxed editions?

citadelle gin extremes

Wild Blossom Gin: One of several special editions from Citadelle

Called Citadelle Extremes, the second release in the series is Wild Blossom and it’s most perfect for spring.

It’s actually infused with wild cherry blossom and aged in wild-cherry wood. The result is a rich and bittersweet gin with notes of sweet almond, vanilla, coriander, cherry and violet.

In total, this gin contains 20 botanicals ranging from refreshing orange and lemon peel to violet, Grains of Paradise and the cherry blossom itself.

The result is an elegant gold-toned gin that comes with one very special tasting experience.

Expect hints of smoke, musk, ylang-ylang and jasmine blend with flowers in your glass. This is then complimented by hints of citrus fruits and a sweetish drop of cocoa, vanilla, violets and roses.

If you can’t get enough of pink gin, then you’ll be interested to know this gin is the perfect companion to Fever-Tree’s Aromatic Gin for a spicy and aromatic twist to your G&T.

We can’t also help but be curious about how it would pair with Henry Thomas’ Cherry Blossom tonic water.

citadelle gin no mistake old tom gin

No Mistake Old Tom Gin: The first gin from the Extremes series

If you’re more on the traditional side of gin, however, you’ll be interested to know Citadelle also do an incredible Old Tom Gin.

Pulling inspiration from rum, this gin features brown sugar from the Carribean. It aims to stay true to the historic style of gin, while adding an extra fresh and floral touch.

Definitely two amazing gins to add to the (ever-growing) collection!

Citadelle Gin Extremes Wild Berry and No Mistake Old Tom Gin are available from Master of Malt priced from £43.

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Ashleigh Gibbs