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This gin tap is the perfect way to dispense your G&Ts

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If you’re feeling a bit bored dragging your bottle of gin out the back of the cupboard, then Orkney Distillery might have the dispensing solution for you. This gin tap could be the coolest way to dispense your next G&T.

A handcrafted creation from the minds behind Kirkjuvagr gin, simply pop your bottle of gin on top and turn the tap on to watch it flow in to your glass.

It’s essentially like having your very own gin bar, and the perfect way to pour gin at your next party.

It also makes for a pretty eye-catching addition to your household. Created from an actual fence post from Orkney, we imagine this could be the ultimate gift for any gin lover. Each gin tap is created slightly different in appearance so you can be assured that yours is unique.

The gin tap has a unique rustic feel
The gin tap has a unique rustic feel

According to the Orkney Distillery website, it can fit either Kirkjuvagr or the distillery’s navy strength offering, Arkh-Angell. However, if you have multiples bottles of 70cl gin from other brands, we imagine they might just fit.

Last year, Kirkjuvagr featured amongst the line-up of Lidl’s first ever Scottish Gin Festival so it’s likely you could have a bottle or two ready to test.

There’s also been a movement towards gin on tap. We recently saw the launch of Pinkster’s gin box which contains a whopping 3 litres of pink gin that’s entirely portable. A similar idea, now you can dispense your gin on tap whilst outdoors.

If you fancy getting your hands on this indoors version, pop over to the Orkney Distillery website now.

The gin tap costs £179.99 and is ready for delivery from Orkney now.

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