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Warner Edwards’ gift pack offers a taste of all their flavoured gins

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When it comes to farm fresh gin, Warner Edwards embodies the rural English countryside.

Based in a 200 year old barn in quaint village of Harrington, Northamptonshire, two friends with a farming background founded Warner Edwards in 2012.

The English distillery’s fantastic flavoured gins have proven a hit with gin lovers. Quite handily, there’s no better way to taste through the whole lot than Warner Edwards’ Curiosity Collection.

The Warner Edwards gift pack features the distillery’s rhubarb gin, elderflower gin, sloe gin and signature dry gin for just £20.

Each wee 50ml bottle is just the right amount for two gin cocktails, so you can really get a feel for all four without putting a dent in your wallet.

A Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin sour

Warner Edwards Victoria’s Rhubarb GinHarrington Elderflower Gin and Harrington Sloe Gin are bestsellers based off their signature Warner Edwards Dry Gin.

Warner Edwards’ pastoral history comes through the use of botanicals plucked fresh from local hedgerows. The pretty and pink Rhubarb Gin is borne from freshly pressed rhubarb juice, whilst their Sloe Gin liqueur is an intensely fruity drink that’s perfect come autumn time.

As for the cocktails, we love the sound of a Rhubarb Gin Sour. Lemon and sugar meet to create a sherbet like flavour with lovely bursts of rhubarb flavour.

Sweet and floral, Warner Edwards Elderflower Gin is our pick for the summer. Warner Edwards harvests fresh elderflower flowers from their own hedgerows at their peak in the summertime.

Just drop in a lemon wheel and premium tonic and you’re set.

Warner Edwards Curiosity Collection gift pack (4 x 5cl bottles) is available from Warner Edwards and Amazon for £20

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