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Tanqueray unveils new herbaceous Tanqueray Lovage gin

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Tanqueray may be one of the oldest gin brands, but the 188 year old gin has really been mixing it up.

This March saw the release of their Spanish inspired Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla, made from juicy seville oranges.

Now, Tanqueray is back at it again with the launch of the new limited edition Tanqueray Lovage.

Aromatic and herbaceous, the new gin takes inspiration from founder Charles Tanqueray.

Whilst sweet and flavoured gins have captured the hearts of gin lovers, Tanqueray Lovage is going the savoury route.

“Just like our founder Charles Tanqueray, we love experimenting and working with new botanicals, so it’s a pleasure to see one of Charles’ original recipes being created at a time when savoury cocktails are on the rise,” said Tanqueray’s Global Marketing Manager Joanna Segesser.

The new gin is named after lovage, the English garden herb, a botanical that lends a distinctly herbaceous twist to the gin.

For the perfect serve, Tanqueray recommends mixing 50ml of gin with 150ml of tonic. Garnish it with a fresh coriander leaf and four juniper berries to really accentuate the savoury notes.

Topped with a verdant green cap, Tanqueray Lovage’s packaging is definitely inspired by botanical gardens. The label is scrawled in a charming script and flanked with vintage-like botanical plant illustrations.

Could savoury gins be the next big trend? Edinburgh Gin also just launched Edinburgh Gin 1670 in collaboration with Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh just last month. Hmm…

Tanqueray Lovage (47.5% ABVE) will be available exclusively from John Lewis in 1L bottles

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