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The Boozy Cow Special Cocktail: Boozy Bru

The Gin Kin Team
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It might seem like madness but here’s a little secret for you: gin and Irn-Bru is actually a winning combination. Now, before you judge us too harshly, hear us out. There’s two Irn-Bru cocktails that are simply perfect with gin.

For an amazing partnership between Indian and Scottish heritage, pair Pickering’s Original 1947 Gin with your can of ginger. The sweet and spicy notes of 1947 actually works sublimely well with everybody’s favourite carbonated soft drink.

Alternatively, try out this house special cocktail from The Boozy Cow. Called the ‘Boozy Bru’, this Irn-Bru cocktail uses homemade orange infused gin to create an alcoholic sensation. However, you could also try using any kind of orange dry gin to get the desired effect.

If you fancy making your very own homage to Scotland’s favourite drink, Comhnall from The Boozy Cow in Dundee shows you how.

What You Need:

  • Orange gin 50ml
  • Lemon 30ml
  • Irn Bru Reduction 25ml
  • Irn Bru sherbet (optional)

How to:

  1. Pour ingredients into shaker and give a hard shake with ice
  2. Single strain into a Michelangelo Coupette glass
  3. Rim glass with Irn Bru sherbet