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Silent Pool’s Gin Glasses Are Out of This World

Featured Image for Silent Pool's Gin Glasses Are Out of This World

When it comes to gin and design, we’ve seen our fair share that absolutely blew us away. Take bottle design, for instance, there’s an incredible world of artistry in the drinks industry just waiting to be explored.

It’s even transcended into the glasses we consume our favourite drink from. Decorated gin glasses are of one 2018’s growing trends, and these beauties from Silent Pool have us reaching for a bottle immediately.

If you’re already familiar with Silent Pool then you’ll recognise the stunning detail around the glass as matching the gin’s branding. It even features the very same blue effect as the bottle on the stem.

The gold floral design is actually based around capturing the essence of England’s rural landscape, which also lends itself to botanicals in the gin.

Silent Pool refers to the spring clear water that makes up the gin, while a further 24 botanicals brings floral notes to your glass. Lavender and chamomile combine with fresh citrus and local honey, which is represented in the decór.

silent pool gin glasses are the perfect way to enjoy your next G&T.
Images: Silent Pool

The overall effect is a gold and blue goblet that will perfectly compliment your chosen garnish.

You can always choose Silent Pool’s perfect serve of a generous handful of ice, a dash of tonic, and a twist of orange peel to show off your new favourite vessel.

Currently, the glasses are available in varying quantities on the Silent Pool website but you can also pick up one in a very beautiful gift box from Amazon for £19.99.

It’s the perfect gift to you or for a friend alike.

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