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Bubblegum gin liqueur inspired by pugs now exists

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It’s no secret that, for a while now, sweet gin liqueurs continue to increase in popularity or is that paw-pularity?

At least one gin company hopes so. 3 Pugs Gin, who produce a range of gins with branding featuring their very own pugs, have just released a brand new bubblegum gin liqueur.

While gin purists are bound to be bowing their head in despair, sweet-tooth ginthusiasts will be delighted with this latest ode to childhood nostalgia. We expect this one to be pret-ty sweet.

Gin liqueurs are generally much sweeter than their gin counterparts and tend to lack the distinctive juniper profile. If you’ve ever tried Zymurgorium’s ‘Parma Violets’ Gin Liqueur, you’ll get a sense of what this release is all about.

For a while now, gin distilleries have been experimenting with various flavoured gins and gin liqueurs stirring debate up in the wider community about what gin is and should be. 

This gin liqueur is the latest addition to fall into the sweet gins category, or rather gins that are inspired by sweet treats.

It combines bubblegum flavour with 3 Pugs’ signature 8 botanicals of their London Dry to create something rather unique.

3 Pugs Gin is inspired by the owners’ actual pets

Meanwhile, you’ll spy the owners’ 3 pugs Pepsi, Tutu & Mojo on the bottle creating a cheeky and fun appeal to the branding.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and a love of all things cute, this could be your new pugalicious go to for party drinks.

3 Pugs Bubblegum Gin Liqueur is available now for £28.95 on 31Dover.com. 

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