Opihr unveils new ready to drink gin and tonics

Prepare to be transported to a new world of ready made G&Ts. Everybody’s favourite spiced gin, Opihr Oriental Spiced Gin, has announced a new ready to drink collection.

Nicknamed  ‘Opihr Stubbies’, these ready to drink gin and tonics come in a variety of flavours that enhance the perfect serves of the gin.

Now you can enjoy the taste of Opihr as a gin and tonic with ginger, a gin and tonic with orange or just a standard G&T.

Ready to drink G&T cans are most definitely on the rise, but Opihr have chosen a different approach.

These beauties come in stylish glass bottles, complete with twist off cap for your convenience. Each bottle is a smaller version of the original bottle, while the ready to mix aspect makes them perfect for summer events.

You can simply pop them into glass recycling after your done.

opihr gin and tonics;

Orange or ginger is often cited as the perfect serve for Opihr.

The bottles will eventually retail for £2.99 but if you fancy sampling them first you can do at Isle of Wight for Lendy Cowes Week. 

The UK’s premier sailing regatta will run for eight days in August offering visitors the taste of Opihr’s brand new range. Opihr will have a branded bar on Cowes Parade, and will be delivering ready to drink gin and tonics to competitors by boat for them to enjoy following a day of racing.

The brand will also have exclusive gin pouring rights at the Lendy Ladies Day Reception amongst other events during the regatta.

Of course, Opihr is inspired by adventurous merchants who traversed the Spice Route across oceans in ancient times, hence the partnership with the sailing world.

No word yet on what retail outlets will stock the new range but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

Opihr at Lendy Cowes Week, 4-11 August 2018. For more information visit the Lendy Cowes website. 

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