Wetherspoons is now selling Parma Violet Gin

This year, there’s been one gin liqueur to rule them all. You might have heard of a little tipple called Parma Violet Gin Liqueur. From experimental distillery Zymurgorium, this violet gin has been making real waves across the internet.

At present, it’s generally available online in the likes of Amazon or in your local independent spirits shop. However, now it seems the perfect purple drink is coming to a bar near you.

Wetherspoons has announced that they will serving Sweet Violet in the UK. Across 900 pubs in Scotland, England and Wales you’ll soon be able to taste the craze for yourself.

Now trust us when we say it genuinely tastes exactly like Parma Violets. Whether you can’t get enough of the sweets or are simply curious, request it with lemonade to really get the purple-icious flavour.

We reckon part of the appeal is the nostalgia associated with Swizzels famous sweets. It’s pretty much the Marmite of the sweet world with some people loving the taste and others loathing it’s perfume-y flavour.

wetherspoons parma violet gin

The gin liqueur is similar in that respect. One sip of this will separate the Parma lovers from the Parma haters; it’s the divisive tipple to get the chat going on a Friday night in Spoons.

Recently the pub chain has been upping its pink and flavoured gin offerings, with both Gordon’s Pink Gin and Edinburgh’s Gin Liqueurs popping up on the menu.

This liqueur seems as if it will join Tanqueray Sevilla on the bill, which is one of the newest orange flavoured gins, alongside Malfy con Arancia and Whitley Neill’s Blood Orange.

We’ll meet you there!

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Ashleigh Gibbs