Asda has launched THREE new pink gins

Just when you thought Asda’s pink gin offers couldn’t get much better, the supermarket giant has unveiled even more to its stellar line-up. This time, however, the gins are not only brand new but are created by Asda themselves.

Alongside Gordon’s Pink Gin and Bosford Rosé, you can now also pick up Asda’s own Extra Special Elderflower & Pink Grapefruit and Rhubarb & Ginger gin liqueurs.

An Extra Special pink gin will also be making its way to supermarket shelves soon, retailing at £16.

Meanwhile the liqueurs can be picked up the bargain price of £12, making it a similar price to Lidl’s oh-so-popular Hortus liqueurs.

The German supermarket, of course, have their very own Rhubarb and Ginger version, while Raspberry gin liqueur makes up the second offering.

They’ve proved incredibly successful for the retail giant, at one point even flying off the shelves at the rate of seven bottles per minute.

Lidl has similar pink gin liqueurs for around the same price point.

Asda will hoping for a similar success story, with the Elderflower & Pink Grapefruit edition being particularly unique to the gin liqueur world.

Pink gin remains a hot trend for summer, with warmer weather perfectly complimented by blush and flavoured gins, that only continue to sky rocket in popularity.

Gin sales in Asda alone have boomed by 80% proving the nation’s love affair with the tipple shows no sign of slowing down.

Sharp, tangy and fragrant, these new gins are blended with Asda’s award-winning triple distilled Extra Special Gin to create handcrafted liqueurs perfect for creating summer cocktails or G&Ts.

The spirit is produced in copper stills in Cheshire but married with fruit liqueur crafted in Paris to create a bottle of homegrown gin with a little Parisian spirit. It’s then distilled three times, to ensure  luxury and quality in a bottle.

At under £20 each, we expect them to our new favourite bargain buy.

Asda pink gin and pink gin liqueurs are available over on the official Asda website priced £12 and £16 respectively. 

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Ashleigh Gibbs