Jawbox now have a range of gin liqueurs

If you can’t get enough of gin liqueurs, then you’re going to love the latest release from Jawbox. Meet Rhubarb and Ginger and Pineapple and Ginger Liqueurs, two funky new additions to your drinks cabinet.

Produced in Belfast, these lovelies combine sweet and spicy flavours with the brand’s signature small-batch gin.

Trust us when we say that we consider Jawbox Gin as one of our best gins. With its distinctive and delicious flavour, we can only imagine how heavenly these liqueurs would be with their perfect base.

Rhubarb gin is our favourite go-to so we can’t help but love the sound of Rhubarb and Ginger Gin Liqueur in our mixer. Pineapple & Ginger, however, is one of the industry’s first.

This liqueur will evoke thoughts of warm Caribbean evenings. Simply add as a base for your cocktails, with tonic or even try it in a cheeky Prosecco. Both, of course, can mixed with Jawbox’s signature ginger ale serve.

jawbox gin liqueurs

The full line-up from Jawbox, including the brand’s Classic Dry Gin.

The fresh fruity flavour of pineapple or Victorian rhubarb pairs perfectly with the warming spice of ginger. Alternatively, serve straight on the rocks for the perfect companion to a summer’s evening.

Fun fact: Ginger ale was actually invented in Belfast, hence the perfect serve suggestion.

Belfast is also renowned for its innovation and history. The inspiration for Pineapple & Ginger actually comes from the docks, which was home to exotic imports during the industrial era.

Each bottle comes with Jawbox’s trademark industrial design that is featured throughout the brand’s line-up. We urge you to taste them all!

Jawbox Gin Liqueurs are priced at £23.45 for 70cl and are now available over at Master of Malt. 

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Ashleigh Gibbs