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Pink grapefruit gin liqueur is the ultimate summer treat

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Images: Pickering's Gin / @ScotGinAwards

This summer, it’s all about light and lovely serves and the good people at Pickering’s have delivered us a gem.

How do you fancy sipping Pink Grapefruit and Lemongrass Gin Liqueur in your back garden this season? This delectable little treat is inspired by the pleasure of drinking a Pickering’s Gin and tonic garnished with a slice of pink grapefruit.

If you’re not familiar with Pickering’s, allow us to fill you in. These guys are real champions of Scottish gin, with a stellar line-up of both original and special edition gins coming to you from their distillery at Summerhall, Edinburgh.

One even wears a glorious bearskin hat to celebrate the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, an essential fact to be sure.

The brand are no stranger to a little experimentation, having previously brought us a delicious Sloe Gin and served gin and Irn-Bru in snow cones at special events.

The soft, sun-kissed liqueur seems the perfect next stage for the brand. It’s the ideal season for gin liqueurs and nothing could be more refreshing that a pink grapefruit combo, complete with lemongrass.

You should, however, also expect a little warmth in your glass. The citrus of the pink grapefruit helps compliment the gin’s spicier botanicals, while lemongrass also adds fragrant warmth.

Finally, a tantalising hint of extra cardamom gives the liqueur a uniquely sumptuous finish that’s going to work so well over ice, with Prosecco or with a little tonic.

The liqueur contains real fruit. However, you can also add in a juicy pink grapefruit garnish to really go all out.

At under £20 a bottle for 50cl, this is a super summery tipple at an excellent price point.

Pickering’s Pink Grapefruit & Lemongrass Gin Liqueur, £19.95, Pickering’s Gin Shop. 

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