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Your next special event needs a gin trailer

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If you’re planning a special outdoors event, you’ve probably compiled a pretty exhaustive checklist. Guest list? Check. Outdoor tableware? On order.

What you’ve perhaps not considered is a gin trailer. That is a mobile gin bar on wheels, aka the coolest way possible to serve refreshments.

Essentially, this little number will rock up to your wedding or summer party chock full of special gin delights.  You can even mix it up with Prosecco or gin liqueurs in some cases.

Edinburgh Gin Trailer

gin trailer mobile gin bar

Converted from a traditional horse trailer, Edinburgh Gin’s mobile bar comes complete with an assortment of classic Edinburgh Gin serves, cocktails and gin fizzes.

Location: Scotland only

Gilli’s Gin Tin

If you’re around Yorkshire way, then be sure to check out Gilli’s Gin Tin. A former rice horse box trailer, it’s now been converted into a gin bar stocking 44 of the worlds finest gins, including 12 from Yorkshire itself.

Location: Yorkshire

Tipple in a TukTuk

If you can’t choose between gin and Prosecco then consider Tipple in a TukTuk. Their Gin & Prosecco van has a very fitting name.

Meet ‘Juniper’ a 3-wheeled Piaggio Ape van, measuring 1.5 metres by 3 metres.  She’s small enough to fit into most spaces: in your marquee or even around your back garden.

Location: Arbroath, Scotland

Tin and Tonic

Tin and Tonic’s specialty is of course gin but there’s also a bespoke menu involving Prosecco or even just a bit of what you fancy. These guys will work around you and aim to help make your party the event of the year.

Location: Midlands

The Gin Spot

The founders of The Gin Spot were actually trained by our everybody’s favourite gin mixer company Fever-Tree. Since then they’ve gone on to create this genius gin bar, complete with delicious cocktail selections.

Location: Oxfordshire

Little Gin Bar

Whether you have a field or a spacious garden to work with, you can hire this unique converted horse trailer gin bar from The Little Gin Company. It’s sure to give your party the individual twist you were looking for.

Location: Warwickshire

Up and coming: Pink Gin Tin

The Pink Gin Tin hasn’t launched yet, but you have to admit it’s pretty eye-catching. Lucky for those who love its pink exterior, the plan is to feature Pink Fizz alongside a selection of your favourite gin.

Location: Warrington, Cheshire

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