Summer Fruits Gin Liqueur is the perfect tipple this season

Now that summer’s arrived, you might find yourself in aid of a truly delicious refreshment.

Gin liqueurs are becoming a popular choice. Mainly because they contain less alcohol than a regular gin and also because they feature a wide variety of interesting flavours that are tempting for warmer days.

Joining the core range of gins from Dundee Gin Co this season is Summer Fruits Gin Liqueur, a tasty new addition to your drinks cabinet. This latest release takes local berries and gives them a new lease of life.

Capturing the essence of its botanicals, this fruity number delivers a rich berry flavour in a glass, complimented by a London Dry Gin base.

dundee gin

The local distillery also create their very own Classic Dry Gin, as well as several innovative liqueurs

It’s said to be perfect for cocktails and long drinks with your favourite mixer. However, as it’s a liqueur, you can also add it to Champagne, Cava or Prosecco to make a summery gin and Prosecco cocktail. A sparkling Berry gin fizz could definitely go down well at the next garden party.

If you fancy tasting it for yourself, it currently has a RSP of £21 and you can contact Dundee Gin via their website to make an enquiry.

Alternatively, we have been assured it will soon also be available in stores across Scotland and online.

Sounds fabulous!

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