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Bramble gin liqueur has arrived and it’s the taste of autumn

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Fans of summer, we hate to break it to you but September is soon to arrive. The good news, however, is we can look forward a new season in gin.

Scottish favourite Colonsay Gin has just kicked off your cosy autumnal nights with a brand new Bramble Gin Liqueur.

Created from the humble hedgerow blackberry, this latest addition to the family is an autumnal variation of Wild Thyme Spirits’ popular spirit.

Colonsay Gin draws from Scottish folklore to bring you the fruit that certainly represents the changing season. In ancient Scots tradition, the bramble vine symbolised the month of Muin – or September as it’s more commonly known today.

If you’re familiar with Colonsay Gin then you’ll know it draws serious inspiration from its location on a Hebridean Island.

The beautiful labeling alone represents the story of Elven princess Alva and her turbulent journey to the Isle of Colonsay. Fortunately for fans of this design, this liqueur takes it to new heights.

The cool blue is replaced by a wonderfully rich red that would take pride of place in any gin lover’s collection.

The original Colonsay Gin features a cool blue design.

Of course, the tipple itself is said to have a deliciously distinctive taste, subtle aroma and vibrant colour.

The infusion of the finest blackberries could create the perfect match to your crumbles and jam alike this season.

To serve, simply pour over ice or top with champagne or Prosecco for a seasonal sparkle. We hear Fever-Tree Elderflower tonic could be the ideal partner.

Colonsay Gin Bramble Liqueur (50cl) is available now from Wild Thyme Spirits for £20.

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