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Pink pearlescent ‘unicorn gin’ is a thing and you may have some thoughts

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Sigh, trends in gin… you get the brilliant and the bonkers. Case in point: experimental distillery Zymurgorium and unicorn gin liqueur.

If you ask gin lovers exactly where they draw the line many will be quick to point to the rise of crazy gin liqueurs. The popularity of flavoured gin has given way to a larger gin debate over what our favourite tipple should and shouldn’t be. For the record: a gin liqueur is a great way to add a low-alcoholic twist to your mixer but it should still contain gin’s trademark: juniper.

With even crazier flavours entering the market, we expect people will have thoughts on this.

This latest release builds on the success of sweet gin liqueurs to bring you a new take on marshmallow flavoured gin at a lower ABV.

unicorn gin
Marshmallow unicorn gin? This latest liqueur also comes as a glass and mixer gift set

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If you’ve ever tried Zymurgorium’s Sweet Violet Gin Liqueur, then you’ll know what to expect. For those who like nothing more than a delicious juniper-led G&T, however, look away now.

Zymurgorium Sweet Violet Gin

With its pink pearlescent exterior and pastel-hued labelling, it could be more neigh than yay for some.

Fans of all things fun and glittery, however, are sure to embrace the latest trend with crazy fervour.

We’ve seen a real rise in popularity in gin with Instagrammable features. Whether it’s pink gin, gin shimmer or the latest show-off accessory, social media and G&Ts have become inseparable friends.

There’s even matching it with a large balloon glass and bottle of Fentimans Rose Lemonade for the ultimate fun and funky gift if you so fancy.

If you fancy embracing the unicorn with gusto, and parma violet nostalgia these liqueurs is available now for £26.99 via Bottle Bling and also at B&M stores for £17.99 – it appears that the offer could be limited to specific branches. Stock will also likely be subject to availability.

What’s your thoughts on ‘unicorn gin?’ Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter. 

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