A restaurant is now selling a bathtub of gin

If you love gin so much that you’ve even considered bathing in it, this could be for you. A restaurant and bar in Manchester is now selling a bathtub of gin.

Ok, so it’s not an actual bathtub but a fun and funky gin cocktail that’s so perfect for sharing with your friends.

The aptly named The Laundrette on Beech Road in Chorlton conceived this masterpiece at the London-based distillery, Portobello Road Gin.

Having spent two days at the distillery deciding on the various botanicals, the new recipe called ‘Soap Opera’ was finalised with 14 in total creating a unique base.

In addition, the cocktail for two contains violet liqueur and lemon and apple juice all finished off with its very own foam.

Maraschino liqueur ‘bubbles’ are perfectly complimented by a few cherries and packets of popping candy naturally. You even get to take your ‘bath’ home in case you fancy brewing up your very own mad brew.

It’s most definitely one unique way to share your love of gin and the fun doesn’t end there.

The enterprising business has also created a ‘Laundrette with Love’ cocktail featuring Portobello Road Gin, Lanique Rose Vodka and Apricot & Rhubarb Bitters  – all topped off with pink fizz!

Most recently, The Laundrette also created a gin and Vimto cocktail we reckon would rival gin and Irn-Bru any day of the week. Gin-credible!

If you fancy trying your very own wacky gin cocktail, you can view a menu over at The Laundrette website and nip in today.

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