Bombay Sapphire has launched the most brilliant ice lolly garnishes

If you’ve been tuned into social media over the past twelve months, you’ve probably seen that gin garnishes are everything. Namely, extravagant garnishes that’ll make your friends want to immediately join the gin party.

We’re talking unicorn cocktails complete with all types of crazy candy. If you can name it, it’s probably ended up on your feed at some point.

Only now, it seems gin distilleries themselves are embracing the fun. Bombay Sapphire has just launched the perfect way to add creativity to your G&T.

Say hello to these flavour infused ice lollies. Rather than just having ice, or even garnishes in ice cubes, this novel addition to your tipple looks rather cool.

Images: Bombay Sapphire / Facebook

We can’t say for sure but we hope it works like any gin garnish: not just a pretty addition to a glass but compliments the gin itself.

The lollies definitely come in three flavours: Cool Mint and Ginger, Raspberry Bramble and Elderflower and Cranberry and each comes with its respective garnish.

We’re talking a complimentary raspberry or two to match the Raspberry Bramble, or sprigs of mint to match Cool Mint and Ginger.

The great news is they’re available now at all Town, Pub and Kitchen venues across the UK.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to any immediate plans to sell the ice lollies themselves, but we reckon the experience of an ice lolly G&T down your local more than makes up for this.

For your nearest venue, check out the official Stone Gate Pubs website.

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