The new Isle of Harris Gin glasses simply ooze sophistication

Ask any gin lover what their favourite gin is and chances are they may reply with “Isle of Harris.” Regarded as one of our best gins, not only is it a treat to drink but its delicious content is truly matched by the beauty of the bottle.

Only now, that wonderful grooved design actually comes in matching Martini glasses.

As part of the distillery’s new project which aims to promote the Harris Gin Martini, this new glassware is designed to ensure the most sophisticated of serves.

Think James Bond and his shaken, not stirred catchphrase. A classic Martini is the perfect way to enjoy a smooth and complex spirit with an air of occasion.

These new glasses wonderfully complement the design of the existing Isle of Harris Gin bottle while bringing something new to the brand.

Created in the traditional V-shape style that’s loved by both bartenders and bar goers, every piece has been individually handcrafted by glasswork specialists and given a subtly unique touch.

You’ll most definitely want to own a pair, however.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what Isle of Harris offer.

Held within a presentation box of bespoke design, two glasses are accompanied by new and exclusive Martini recipes.

There’s actually two specially created sets in the new range. The first holds two matching glasses, while a second version is also accompanied by a bottle of our Isle of Harris Gin.

They’re guaranteed to make the most stylish gift for you or a friend!

The Isle of Harris Gin Glasses Set is available now for £30, plus delivery, over on the Isle of Harris distillery and online shop. 

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