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Gin baubles are the must-have stocking filler every gin lover deserves

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As soon as it even remotely starts to change season, gin lovers know there’s many treats in store. If we’re not meticulously planning which gin advent calendar to buy this year, we’re dreaming of hanging gin baubles on our expertly crafted gin-themed Christmas tree.

Yup, these little beauties are the genius gift we hope for every year. Alongside slow cookers and themed Monopoly for all the family, we’d count gin baubles amongst our favourite things this season.

Created by Edinburgh-based distillery Pickering’s Gin, these fun and fabulous tree decorations come in a suitable variety of colours. Most importantly, they’re filled with delicious Pickering’s gin itself.

Simply pop them on your tree with the silk red ribbon that hangs from the rose gold screw lids.

Each bauble is filled with 5cl (or a double measure to you and I), while the screw cap closure avoids any tricky spills.

In other words, your gin will be perfectly preserved until it’s time to take your decorations back down.

We could not think of a better reward for dealing with our folks around the dinner table this festive season, while their bright, innovative design is guaranteed to be a hit with anyone who enters your home.

Pickering's Gin Baubles
Pickering’s Gin Baubles features 6 ornamental decorations for your Christmas tree.

Their novel design most definitely captured the attention of the Scottish capital when they were first released in 2014.

Within the first hour of the local fair they were sold at, a few hundred baubles were bought up. Later releases of the baubles were then also met with widespread enthusiasm. In 2015, the gin baubles sold out in just a few hours.

Fortunately, numbers of the baubles have been increased in later years but you might want to pick up a box now if you’re dreaming of a gin-filled Christmas.

At a pretty perfect 42% ABV, they make an ideal boozy gift for yourself or friends.

Pickering’s Gin Baubles are available now from Amazon for around £30. 

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