Poetic License has launched a vegan-friendly pink gin

If there’s one trend that’s really risen with the growing popularity of gin, it’s locally-sourced botanicals. Rhubarb, honey, and seaweed gin have all arrived in a big way.

As part of their limited edition collection, The Rarities, Poetic License have just announced a new take on the latter. Their new ‘Agave Nectar’ gin offers a vegan-friendly alternative to the popular honey gin style that’s sweet, floral and aromatic.

This new gin has a soft pink hue with a touch of caramel from hibiscus and agave infusions. Hisbiscus being a flower known for its tart flavour, and agave being a vegan sweetener similar to honey.

On the nose, expect sweetness from the nectar, while aromatic notes of earthy black pepper and floral come from both hibiscus and rose.

poetic license honey gin is made from agave nectar instead

The brand new gin has a beautiful blush hue in the bottle

Meanwhile, you will taste a delicious sweet candied-ness which gives way to a vibrant, fresh lift from pink pepper. The juniper is said to be subtle here, compared to other Poetic License gins, but it comes through as a piney, slightly menthol note.

Finally, there’s a rosy floral-ness and a slight bitter kick from hibiscus, with a citrus touch from lemongrass and kaffia lime leaves.

We reckon this would be an ideal addition to any gin lover’s collection, particularly if you can’t get enough of blush-hued tipples.

To try it for yourself, this gin will be available to pre-order on the 10 September 2018 for £34.95 from the Poetic License website.

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