Porter’s Gin has released a new tropical expression

Think ‘Scottish gin’ and you may only think of traditional, juniper-led gin. It’s completely true that Scotland produces some of the world’s finest quality gins but also, like much of the industry, it’s open to experimenting.

Case in point: A brand new Porter’s Gin has arrived and it’s got a little tropical twist up its sleeve.

This Old Tom Gin-style gin stays true to the original as a sweetened gin with exotic botanicals. However, it also uses modern methods to extract more refined flavours.

A classic juniper base is lifted by juicy tropical notes of passion fruit, guava and white tea. This is then very slightly sweetened to create a perfectly balanced recipe.

If you’re familiar with the original Porter’s Gin then you might have an idea of what to expect here.

Leave behind the idea that Scottish gin is simply loaded with heather and thistles, these guys have taken a truly exotic ingredient – Buddha’s Hand fruit! – and created pure magic with it.

porters tropical gin is the latest tipple from Scotland

The original Porter’s Gin also features an exotic twist

It seems only logical that the next step would be another exciting exotic twist.

With a further 11 botanicals in tow, the original gin has a distinctive citrus taste that makes a nice switch up from the typical Hendrick’s and Caorunn.

Distilled in Aberdeen, this brand may be Scottish at heart but it’s got worldly flavour in the bottle.

To pre-order Porter’s Tropical Old Tom Gin (40% ABV) visit the official website from Friday 7 September 2018. Price is £38 for a 70cl bottle. 

Orders will be shipped on 1st October.

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