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Fever-Tree has just launched a new citrus tonic water

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Image: Fever-Tree / Facebook

If you love nothing more than experimenting with your mixer, then you’ll be delighted with the latest release from Fever-Tree.

Joining the mixer brand’s extensive catalogue is this new citrus blend. Created with Mexican limes, tangerine and bitter orange, this addition to the family has taken a little influence from Mexico.

Unlike previous tonic releases, you might spot something a little different here.

Fever-Tree have actually launched this tonic water as a complement to TEQUILA. Or, more specifically, for Patrón Tequila, whose silver edition naturally contains citrus notes.

The Next Best Thing?

Image: Isabella Mendes / Pexels

While gin undoubtedly continues to rise in popularity, there has been talk of the ‘next best thing’.

While we just can’t imagine what could possible replace our beloved tipple, the industry has been eyeing up rum and Tequila.

Tequila and tonic may raise a few eyebrows for those who have never considered the possibility, but it does exist.

Now, we understand if this comes as a shock to you, the gin lover, but the good news is we reckon this new mixer will be versatile.

We’re already picturing how magnificent our herbal gins could be with a splash of Mexican lime and bitter orange.

fever tree citrus tonic water may match well with a herbal or Mediterranean style gin
This new citrus tonic water could be an ideal addition to a herbal or Mediterranean style gin such as Gin Mare

Alternatively, bring in a little Mediterranean influence: this could be an interesting addition to Gin Mare, for instance.

Whatever you’re dreaming of matching it with, hopefully it will go some way to consoling those who still miss last year’s popular limited edition, Clementine and Cinnamon Tonic Water.

With both tangerine and bitter orange, who needs clementine?

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