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Debenhams now has a gin bar if you fancy a G&T

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We know gin can cheer you up after a hard day, and some may say it’s got health benefits but can it actually reverse the fortunes of retail stores?

At least Debenhams hopes so with the launch of their new store, complete with gin bar.

Dubbed the “department store of the future,” this newest flagship store in Watford is part of a retail rescue plan.

This new Debenhams will offer a blow dry bar, facials, and a gin-and-tonic station at its new flagship store, which opened today, Thursday, September 27 at 10am.

There’s also massages, fancy changing rooms, beauty makeovers and personal styling where you can choose your own mood lighting.

It’s no secret that the high street has struggled in recent years as internet shopping has only increased in popularity.

However, many are keen to see the town centre has a hub of activity, where consumers can enjoy weekend activities alongside shopping.

With the popularity of gin only increasing, it seems only natural to introduce a gin experience to the retail environment.

No mention (yet!) of a gin bus, afternoon tea or even a festival, but this gin bar will allow you to sip a gin and tonic as you shop.

Unfortunately you won’t be able to pop in for a late night tipple, but the gin bar does open fairly early!

It will open at 11am everyday and close at 7pm on weekdays, except Thursday when it will close at 9pm, and on Sunday at 5pm.

Sounds perfect to us!

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