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The ultimate gin crawl would apparently take you 4 days to complete

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If you enjoy nothing more than a visit to several of your favourite gin bars, then it’s likely you’ll be interested in this latest study. Researchers have actually mapped out the ultimate gin crawl across the UK, listing over top 100 gin bars.

Showcased in a handy map, you can now see just how long it would take you to go from North to South on the ultimate gin journey.

Although not advised – the answer, in case you were wondering, is 4 days, 19 hours and 11 minutes. 

However, that’s not all the detail this map provides. Turns out you’re going to need one very large wallet of cash.

The cost of the gin involved comes to a whopping £827.29, while travel adds on another £601.60 to the bill, totaling £1,428.89.

gin crawl uk
This gin map shows exactly how to achieve the ultimate gin crawl

The total price includes purchasing a G&T at every stop, petrol and a ferry over to the final destination in Northern Ireland (excluding accommodation).

The tour covers a distance of 3153.18 miles, which would take you to a total of 40 UK cities including London, Manchester, and Aberdeen.

Apparently, St Ives is the best place to start, working your way up the country before heading overseas to Ballymena.

The cheapest and most expensive G&T in the UK

Interestingly, the map also reveals the cheapest and most expensive place to buy G&T.

It’s bad news for London, where the most you’ll have to pay for a G&T is £14, while Lancaster can enjoy their favourite tipple for a superb £3.30.

List of top ten cheapest gins in the UK

Bar/Pub Location Cost of a G&T
The Butcher and Tonic Lancaster £3.30
MiMi & Gin Ormskirk £4.95
Gin and Bear It Sunderland £5.00
Lab 22 Cardiff £5.00
Baron Oxford Oxford £5.50
Haworth Steam Brewing Company Haworth £5.50
The Mad Hatter Oxford £5.95
Little Bird Gin London £6.00
Liberty’s Gin Bar Warrington £6.00
Loft St Albans St Albans £6.00

List of top ten most expensive gins in the UK.

Bar/Pub Location Cost of a G&T
The Gin Palace London £14.00
Taste at No 1 Ludlow £12.50
The American Bar at The Savoy London £12.00
Gin& Olive Portsmouth £12.00
Mothers Ruin Gin Palace London £11.90
Gin Lane Halifax £11.75
Merchant House London £11.50
The Perch Rooftop Bar Belfast £11.40
Gin Journey London £11.25
Galgorm Resort &Spa Ballymena £11.20

You can, however, always pop in to The Gin Spa in Scotland for a complementary glass, if you fancy a spot of pampering with your tipple up North!

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