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REVIEW: LinGin from the Linlithgow Distillery

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LinGin is the first gin to be launched by the Linlithgow Distillery. 

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A little bit of background

The Linlithgow Distillery was launched in January 2018 by husband and wife team Ross and Alyson Jamieson. Their aim was to produce a gin with a local influence. In order to achieve this, they recruited over 100 people from the local area to help develop the gin. As a result, they made a smooth and satisfying London Dry, which incorporates locally grown botanicals to create a perfect balance of flavours.


The full LinGin recipe is a well-kept secret. However, there are a few pieces of information about the botanicals that we managed to dig up.

LinGin contains 12 ingredients. These include 8 traditional botanicals and 3 secret botanicals. The star ingredient is meadowsweet, which they hand forage from the local loch, canals and meadows in Linlithgow. In addition to this key botanical, it also contains juniper, coriander and cassia bark.


The LinGin recipe was created to embody the town of Linlithgow. Similarly, it’s bottle reflects the history and spirit of the location.

As such, the label depicts the outline of the stunning Linlithgow Palace, which you may recognise from an episode of Outlander! The bottle itself stands tall and proud, in contrast to many gin bottles on the market at the moment.

Signature serve(s)

The suggested garnishes for LinGin are orange and/or rosemary.

We recommend this recipe:

  • 50ml LinGin
  • 150ml Fever Tree Naturally Light Tonic
  • A large handful of ice
  • Sprig of rosemary
  • Twist of orange peel


On the nose, LinGin is sweet and citrusy, telling me that there’s got to be some lemon/orange peel in here. In addition, notes of vanilla from the meadowsweet come through and are offset by hints of spice.


Sipped on its own, the spices in this gin really shine. Above all, the distinct flavour of coriander seed comes to the forefront. This is coupled with cinnamon-like notes from the cassia. To finish, a whack of piney juniper rounds things off nicely.

With tonic

An addition of tonic really brings out the zestiness of this gin, allowing the citrus peel to sparkle. This is joined by sweet, woody notes from the foraged meadowsweet . In the background is good old juniper, alongside a distinct pepperiness.

Lasting impressions

LinGin has the flavour profile of a classic London Dry Gin. However, don’t let this fool you into thinking it will be boring. Each individual botanical on the ingredients list has a chance to shine and as a result, this gin is incredibly well-balanced. Ultimately, LinGin is a gin to suit the tastes of any gin lover.

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