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These flavoured tonic waters will invigorate your festive gin

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Walter Gregor’s Original tonic, made in the north east of Scotland, has expanded its range of tonic water offerings with four fantastic new flavours that are sure to reinvigorate your gin and tonic.

From the producers who claim to be the first Scottish tonic water, Walter Gregor’s – named after the 19th century renowned plantsman, whose garden is still used to grow botanicals used in the brand’s mixers – comes four exciting new tonic flavours.

Cucumber and mint, Scottish raspberry, apple and cinnamon, and spiced join the Pitsligo tonic brewers original tonic offering, and we are very excited by them all – especially the apple and cinnamon flavour which will be perfect for the upcoming festive period.

Claire Rennie, who launched Walter Gregor’s in 2015, said seasonal produce in the garden inspired the new flavoured variants.

“Our range of tonics is truly handcrafted. We’ve put love and care into our new range of tonics, and our fresh natural ingredients will enhance your gin and tonic, or provide an inspiring mixer for cocktails or other spirits.

We have now expanded into a small but beautiful selection of tonics: Original, light and refreshing cucumber and mint, juicy Scottish raspberry, autumnal apple and cinnamon, and spiced  which is a perfect pairing for darker spirits.”

Apple and Cinnamon

This tonic tastes like apple pie in a bottle!

With refreshing apple and cinnamon notes, this delicious tonic creation is sure to turn your usual gin and tonic into a stunning desert you will never want to put down.

Ingredients include:Carbonated Scottish water, apple juice, sugar, cinnamon, citric acid an natural quinine.

Cucumber and mint tonic

A refreshing tonic water naturally flavoured with fresh cucumber & mint.

Ingredients include: Carbonated Scottish water, cucumber, sugar, fresh mint leaves, citric acid, natural quinine.

Spiced tonic

A warming flavour of cinnamon, cloves and orange that delivers a fiery taste.

Ingredients include: Carbonated Scottish water, sugar, citric acid, natural flavourings and natural quinine.

Scottish Raspberry

A tangy tonic water made with delicious Scottish raspberries.

Ingredients include: Carbonated Scottish water, Scottish raspberry juice, sugar, citric acid, natural quinine.

Walter Gregor’s tonic range is available at £1.80 per bottle from Waitrose or Ice and a Slice.

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