Why not go a bit goth this Halloween with Whitby’s new Dracula inspired ink gin

Whitby ink gin stoker

Wanting to embrace a bit of the dark side this Halloween?

Whitby Gin has got you covered with their new limited edition gin – The Stoker edition.

At £57, this exclusive juniper horror story come-to-life is perfect for your Halloween celebration, or if you are just looking to indulge in a bit of bloodthirsty darkness this October.

Looking to embrace the town of Whitby’s historic connection to the famous horror author, Bram Stoker, and his bloodthirsty protagonist “Dracula”, the English gin distillers have infused their award-winning gin with a drop of nightmare.

The end product is Whitby Gin -The Stoker edition, which will be on sale in time for the famous Whitby Goth Festival.

Whitby ink gin stoker

The story of the famous bloodsucker and Whitby is long and detailed, with the count arriving on Whitby shores in the form of a terrifying hound. As the story goes, he ascended the 199 steps of Whitby Abbey before taking up residence permanently.

Distilled especially for the famous Whitby Goth Weekend, there will only be 199 bottles of The Stoker edition produced  – an ode to their infamous resident’s first Whitby experience – for the bloodthirsty public.

“We wanted to create a gin that would celebrate Whitby’s connection to Bram Stoker and his bloodthirsty protagonist, Dracula,” said company co-founder Jessica Slater.

“Developed from our international award-winning Whitby Gin, The Stoker Edition features 100% British blackberries and ginger to create a spirit as impressive in appearance as it is on the palate.”

Whitby ink gin stoker

What is inside

The Stoker Edition features 100% British blackberries and ginger to create a spirit that will feel like you are embracing the darkside and enjoying a sip of blood.

The distinctive flavour of the botanicals is aided by the delightful sweetness of the red fruits whilst the ginger adds a bite of spice.

The aroma of vanilla combines with the earthy notes of bay leaf to produce a balanced fruity dry gin that will be perfect this Halloween.

Whitby Gin – The Stoker Edition – is available to pre-order for £57 online at Whitby Gin

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