The Lidl Gin Festival is back with an exciting range of UK gin

Back in spring, Lidl announced that they would be launching their first ever Scottish gin festival.

Complete with gin offerings from Makar to Pickerings, Strathearn Distillery to Orkney Distilling, the event aimed to spotlight some of the finest Scottish craft gin around and sold an astonishing 130 bottles per hour in the first week of sales.

Now, it’s back from Thursday 1 November, and this time it’s UK-wide.

Two previous gins from Scottish Gin Festival will make their return, while a further seven brand new products will hit Scottish Lidl shelves.

These include picks from Kinrara Gin (Estate Dry and Rose & Cardamom Gin) Square Peg Pink Gin, Redcastle Craft Gin, Esker Gin and Lilliard Ruby Gin Liqueur.

Square Peg Pink Gin will join the Scottish line-up

Meanwhile, the British Gin Festival (available in England and Wales only) will showcase top picks from Aber Falls, Opihr, Brecon Gin, Newcastle Dry Gin and even Peaky Blinder gin.

Available while stocks last, the Lidl Gin Festival aims to showcase a wide craft gin landscape across the length and breadth of UK.

Scottish distillers alone will benefit from a combined business deal worth £500,000.

What to buy from the winter Lidl Gin Festival

Scotland only

Shetland Simmer Gin 70cl Shetland Distillery £24.99
Strathearn Scottish Gin 47% 70cl Strathearn Distillery £24.99
Kirkjuvagr Aurora Northern Lights Spiced Gin 50cl Orkney Distilling Co £19.99
NEW – Kinrara Estate Dry Gin 50cl Kinrara Distillery £19.99
NEW – Kinrara Rose & Cardamom Gin 50cl £19.99
NEW – Square Peg Pink Gin 50cl Strathleven Distillery £19.99
NEW – RedCastle Craft Gin 50cl Redcastle Distillery £19.99
NEW – Esker London Dry Gin 50cl Esker Spirits £19.99
Aquine Scottish Dry Gin 70cl Glasgow Distillery £19.99
Schweppes Lemonade 330ml Schweppes £1.99
Schweppes Tonic Water 150ml Schweppes £3.49
Luminarc Gin Goblets x2 £4.99
Lilliard Ruby Gin Liqueur x2 Lilliard Ginnery £14.99

Shetland Reel Simmer Gin will be available in Scotland, England and Wales

What to buy from the winter Lidl Gin Festival

England and Wales only

Shetland Simmer Gin 70cl Shetland Distillery £24.99
Strathearn Scottish Gin 47% 70cl Strathearn Distillery £24.99
Aber Falls Welsh Gin 70cl Aber Falls Distillery £21.99
The Lakes Sloe Gin Liqueur 70cl The Lakes Distillery £18.99
The Lakes Gin 70cl £24.99
Thomas Dakin Gin 70cl G&J Distillers £24.99
Brecon Special Reserve Gin 70cl Penderyn Distillery £19.99
Peaky Blinder Spiced Dry Gin 70cl Sovereign Distillery £21.99
Tyler- Street London Dry Gin 70cl Soul Spirits Ltd £14.99
Newcastle City Wall Gin 70cl Newcastle Distillery £24.99
Bloom London Dry Gin 70cl G&J Distillers £19.99
Gin Lane Old Tom Gin 70cl Thames Distillery £19.99
Oriental Spiced Gin & Tonic 275ml Opihr £2.49
Aquine Scottish Dry Gin 70cl Glasgow Distillery £19.99
Lamb & Watt Tonic Water 200ml Lamb & Watt £2.49
Luminarc Gin Goblets x2 £4.99
Peaky Blinders gin

The additions to England and Wales will include Peaky Blinder Spiced Dry Gin

Head of Lidl’s Regional Buying Scotland Team, Paul McQuade, said: “We are proud to be launching the second installation of our now-famous Gin Festivals, at a time when our local suppliers are pushing the boundaries of innovation in craft gin.

At Lidl we are committed to local sourcing, with already 300 Scottish products in stores all year-round, so limited time in-store promotions like this enable us to work with new and established distillers across the entire country, bringing customers the best gins at the best prices on the market.”

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