Fireside Spiced Gin will keep you toasty this season

With weather temperatures dropping and seasons a’changing, we understand if you’re looking to keep warm and cosy.

You could opt for a dashing gin Christmas jumper or you could tickle your tastebuds and enjoy a delicious Fireside Spiced Gin instead.

Since the festive season is approaching, we’re starting to get the feels for Christmas. Well, so are gin producers and particularly Poetic License Distillery with their newly redesigned bottle of Fireside Spiced Gin.

Image: Poetic License Distillery

This new bottle features a sleek red design with decorative detail.

Meanwhile, the main ingredients of this seasonal tipple are juniper and mulled winter fruit. There is a sweetness from dried winter fruits, but also a zingy freshness from clementine.

To top it all off, the mulling spice blend of cinnamon, clove and star anise flavours are guaranteed to keep you warm and toasty during this festive season, so why not enjoy while watching some Netflix after a long day of work?

Image: Matty Cooper, Pexels

Apart from the Fireside Spiced Gin, the Poetic License Distillery produces other gins such as the Picnic Gin, the Northern Dry Gin and the Old Tom Gin. Through their varied range the brand aims to make big bold gin for everyone.

If this doesn’t get you in the Christmas mood, we don’t know what will.

The Fireside Gin will be available in its new packaging soon so keep your eyes peeled for when it launches. Availability will be in 70 cl, 20 cl and 5 cl and the price is £34.95 (70 cl).

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