Inside the launch of Lidl’s House of Hortus pop-up gin event

There has been a lot of talk and anticipation around Lidl’s introduction of the House of Hortus pop-up gin club. All this because the supermarket has set the standard high regarding its bespoke gin brand. Well, we’re happy to tell you that your wait will come to an end as we have insight to share on one of the pop-ups that took place last weekend.

Where was it?

The supermarket brand organised this event with the intention of opening the Lidl House of Hortus in various locations around the UK. One of those locations was Edinburgh and we were lucky enough to get all the photos from it and see what it looked like last weekend.

So what did it look like?

The event was housed in a marquee on Castle Street in Edinburgh. Although the decoration seemed simplistic on the exterior, that changed immediately as soon as you entered the marquee.

The space was decorated with different types of botanicals accentuating the main purpose of the event which was to take the guest through a gin tasting journey of different varieties.

The furniture in the space complemented the theme of a botanical garden with patio furniture such as swinging chairs and garden tables. To top it all off the lighting and wall fixtures added to the internal garden vibe as the colourful flowers and lighting created a bohemian atmosphere.

What drinks where on offer?

In terms of the drinks, they consisted of course of Lidl’s Hortus brand range.

The drinking experience begun at the Pink Gin Liqueur Lounge where guests were offered to sample gin liquers including Raspberry, Rhubarb & Ginger and Rose & Pomegranate.

After that the next stop was all about gin pairings with a free-pour serve from the signature range including Hortus Artisan Dry Gin; Oriental Spiced Gin; or Citrus Garden Gin.

The last step in the tasting experience included heading to the Spirits in the Sky bar. There, guests enjoyed a drink from Lidl’s broader range which definitely got them into the festive spirit!

Who went?

Visitors to the event ranged from gin enthusiasts that long anticipated booking a ticket for themselves. Furthermore experts in the area of mixology attended the event, in hopes of getting a taste of the Hortus’s flavour range.

What made a difference for the visitors of the event was the fact that in the end they got a customised Gin by one of the specialised Hortus mixologists. This added a personalised touch to the whole experience making it an unforgettable one.

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