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Review: Eden Mill Candy Cane Gin

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With its glorious red bottle and innovative taste, Candy Cane Gin could be the perfect gift for a gin enthusiast this Christmas. 

A Little Bit of Background

Eden Mill are at the heart of the Scottish gin movement with their only distillery and brewery site located in St Andrews. Yet, are truly global in influence.

Their spirits are typically created using a wide range of flavours from botanicals sourced from both the local area of St Andrews and from around the world.

Candy Cane Christmas Gin comes in a 70cl bottle but can also usually be found in the brand’s 12 Gins Of Christmas.

The gin is a truly innovative and festive creation. Its ingredients consist of juniper resin, hints of peppermint flavour as well as berry fruits.


The Bottle

The red colour of this gin screams Christmas and what a better way to showcase it than with a 70cl glass bottle? The Eden Mill branding is still there, only slightly different to satisfy the festive theme.

The Gin

On the Nose:

At first this gin can be very fruity on the nose and that’s definitely the hints of berries coming through. However, as the scent goes further up the nostrils the peppermint becomes rather prominent, giving off a refreshing hint.


The glass bottle packaging leaves little to the imagination in terms of the colour of this gin. The Christmas red is a result of a bilberry and hibiscus combo.

To taste, it is sweet on the palate leading to a warmer, rich, minty character with hints of light berry fruits. The zesty peppery finish is unexpected, given that the name Candy Cane brings sweetness and, well, all things sugar in mind.

Lasting Impressions

Eden Mill Candy Cane gin definitely adheres to the playfulness of Christmas and candy cane. Even though the packaging gives away too much at first, the gin has definitely an unexpected twist to the taste.

However, the peppermint-y flavour is subtle enough to keep you wanting more, especially when served with a premium tonic and berries for garnish.

If you think you know someone who would appreciate this festive gem (or if that someone is you) it is available on the Eden Mill website for £32.50.

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